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Zooming Into Next-Gen Microscopy Solutions

Zooming Into Next-Gen Microscopy Solutions
Kelvin Leong
Industrial Sales Director
Motic Hong Kong Ltd

After a successful debut at HIMTEX 2023, Motic Hong Kong Ltd is excited to return to the upcoming show at the HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad. The event provides an unparalleled opportunity for the company to engage with local and international markets, exploring a vast customer pool.

A Dual Focus: Exhibit and Collaborate
“HIMTEX 2024 is not only an event that each participant gets to exhibit themselves but also an occasion for us to communicate and collaborate with other suppliers,” asserts Kelvin Leong, Industrial Sales Director, Motic Hong Kong Ltd.

This event—he continues—is an excellent opportunity to understand the local and worldwide market by ‘touching’ the most up-to-date technologies, as Motic itself is always keen on innovating and providing advanced microscopy solutions for all industrial fields.

Zooming Into Next-Gen Microscopy Solutions

On that note, the company is eager to showcase its innovative products and also foster meaningful collaborations with other industry leaders by uniting in the mission to advance technology to make the world a better place.

All Eyes on the Easyzoom Series
The Motic Easyzoom Series stands out as a flexible, high-performance digital microscope, perfect for all inspection requirements. With a remarkable magnification range of 50X to 5,800X in a single zoom body, it offers extreme versatility, making it suitable for a wide array of applications. “The long working distance on the object, and high depth of field provides great visual clarity for parts with large height differences,” he explains.

The unique optical system provides the Easyzoom instrument with three times more depth of field than previous models. Paired with a sophisticated digital imaging system, this eliminates the hyperfocal issues common in traditional microscopes. He delineates, “The convenient and fast 3D software can also quickly measure the length, width, height, volume, and other three-dimensional data of the sample.”

This series also features varying degrees of motorization, including the X-Y axis for tiling and the Z-axis for Extended Depth of Field (EDF) and 3D profiling. By integrating observation, recording, measurement, and reporting functions into one cohesive unit, the Easyzoom Series positions itself as one of the most versatile digital products on the market.

Motic Hong Kong Ltd is present in Hall & Stall: 3B29 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.motic.com