Hyderabad International Machine Tool & Engineering Expo

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16, 17, 18, 19 August 2024 | HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad



The 8th edition of the Hyderabad International Machine Tool & Engineering Expo (HIMTEX) offers an excellent platform for untapped opportunities in the field of machine tools, engineering, robotics and automation and to experience technologically sound innovations.

Over the years, HIMTEX has transformed into one of the most progressive industrial exhibitions in India. The event has been instrumental in contributing significantly to transforming the manufacturing capabilities of the state of Telangana and the nearing states

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HIMTEX - 2024

Witness an Exclusive Showcase of Machine Tools, Cutting Tools, Automation & Robotics, General Engineering & many more

Why Exhibit


Why Exhibit?

  • Region's Biggest and Most Reputed Expo in the Machine Tool Industry,
  • Exposure to the target audience in Telangana and neighboring South Indian states.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals from key industry players.
  • Access to decision-makers and influencers.
  • Brand credibility and trust amongst a discerning industrial audience.
  • A competitive edge to understand market dynamics and adapt strategies accordingly.
  • Experience a Strong Automobile & Auto Component Presence.
  • Huge Brands Including Benelli, BYD, UM Lohia Two Wheelers, Hyundai Mobis, KIA, Hero Motocorp, Brakes India and Ashok Leyland are Pumping the Investments.
  • Hyderabad is the New Defence & Aerospace Hub - an Upcoming Naval Shipbuilding Facility by Reliance Defence at Rambilli, Visakhapatnam.
  • Presence of ISRO, Hindustan Shipyard, Bharat Electronics, and Other PSUs.

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Government of Telangana
Machine Tools Manufacturers' Association, Rajkot
Ludhiana Machine Tool Manufacturers Association
Jeedimetla Industries Association

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