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Propelling Towards Manufacturing Excellence

Propelling Towards Manufacturing Excellence

It is a matter of utmost pride that the country’s manufacturing sector is on a robust growth path. This positive trend is reflected in recent statistics that mirror the sector’s resilience and potential for further expansion. India’s manufacturing sector has shown impressive growth, with the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) reaching a notable high. In May 2024, the HSBC India Manufacturing PMI came in at 57.5, indicating expansion. Additionally, the sector contributed approximately 17 percent to India’s GDP in 2023, with projections to increase further in the coming years.

Machine tools are the backbone and the mother of the manufacturing sector, opening up a plethora of opportunities. The increasing demand for precision engineering and advanced manufacturing processes underscores the critical role of machine tools. The sector is ripe with opportunities for innovation and development, driving the overall growth of manufacturing. Furthermore, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0 technologies has significantly contributed to the growth of India’s manufacturing sector, transforming traditional manufacturing methods and making the industry more competitive on a global scale.

Given this remarkable growth trajectory, it is essential to have a platform that highlights our engineering strengths and advancements. To be held from 16-19 August, 2024, at HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, the 8th edition HIMTEX (Hyderabad International Machine Tool & Engineering Expo), offers an excellent medium to leverage opportunities in the field of machine tools, engineering, robotics, and automation.

Thanks to its strategic location and robust infrastructure, the host city of Hyderabad plays a pivotal role in organizing HIMTEX, a show of global repute. It is emerging as a significant hub for industrial exhibitions, attracting exhibitors and visitors from across the globe.

We, at HITEX, are jubilant at the inauguration of our new Hall 4, which aids in accommodating a myriad of exhibits and making the event bigger and grander than ever. We are expecting a large number of attendees at this year’s event, including industry leaders, innovators, and professionals from across the globe. This gathering will provide an exceptional opportunity for networking and collaboration.

We extend a warm welcome to all attendees, exhibitors, and visitors. We look forward to meeting you at HITEX and HIMTEX, where we can collectively contribute to and celebrate the growth of India's manufacturing sector.

Srikanth TG
Business Head