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Pressing Matters in Metal Processing

Pressing Matters in Metal Processing
Santosh Shelke
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer
Energy Mission Machineries India Ltd
At the upcoming event, Energy Mission Machineries is poised to engage with leaders from diverse sectors, including the Pre-Engineered Building (PEB), furniture, panel industries, elevator, electric vehicle (EV) bus, automobile, agriculture machinery, and food processing machinery sectors. This resolute approach solidifies the company’s dedication to innovation and underscores its readiness to collaborate across various industries.

Expanding Horizons

The company is eagerly participating in HIMTEX 2024 to tap into a targeted audience seeking advanced manufacturing solutions. To further elaborate, Santosh Shelke, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Energy Mission Machineries India Ltd, explains, “The company can gain access to potential leads and customers interested in cutting-edge technologies by attending HIMTEX 2024.”

Pressing Matters in Metal Processing
The event also serves as a strategic platform for the company to expand its business in South India and explore fresh market opportunities. Direct engagement with potential buyers and decision-makers promises valuable interactions, fostering relationships crucial for driving business growth and reinforcing their industry leadership.

The CNC Press Brake Efficient Series

Introducing the CNC Press Brake Efficient Series at the event. This series spans a range from 30 MT to 2000 MT and lengths from 1250 mm to 10000 mm, emphasizing precision and efficiency in metalworking solutions.

According to Shelke, this series features a 3-axis machine with an automatic, accurate, and fast back gauge, driven by a CybTouch 8PS Controller from CYBELEC Switzerland for seamless operation. A rigid upper beam guide on 12-point roller bearings ensures stability and precise bending capabilities, supported by an ultrasonically tested IS:2062 grade steel structure that minimizes deflection under heavy loads.

He further explains that the frame undergoes meticulous machining on a Floor Boring Machine that ensures precise alignment and single-reference accuracy. Quick-release clamps expedite tooling changes, while the comprehensive back gauge assembly—comprising ball screws, AC Servo drive, LM guides, and a timer belt—enables precise positioning and repeatability.

For versatility, the machine offers a quick ‘V’ groove changeover system with a self-centered die with rail and includes hardened and grounded 2‘V’ / 4‘V’ dies along with a semi-gooseneck punch. Front sliding sheet support with LM guides facilitates easy material handling and precise positioning, enhancing operational efficiency across various applications.

The CNC Press Brake Efficient Series is designed to meet the rigorous demands of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in bending operations.

Energy Mission Machineries India Ltd is present in Hall & Stall: 3/3E07 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.energymission.com