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Presenting Game-changing Manufacturing Innovations

Presenting Game-changing Manufacturing Innovations
Amit Salunkhe
General Manager
ZOLLER India Pvt Ltd

Amit Salunkhe, General Manager, ZOLLER India Pvt Ltd, commends Hyderabad, the financial, economic, and political capital of the state of Telangana, for emerging as a powerhouse of innovation. “The manufacturing industry in Hyderabad is on a significant upward trajectory. Against this positive backdrop, HIMTEX makes for the perfect opportunity for us to market our brand and educate our potential customers about smart manufacturing and its benefits,” he adds.

Many international and national brands have set up their bases in Hyderabad. “The city, thus, serves as a fertile ground for exhibitions of significant stature, including HIMTEX, offering a platform for direct interactions and effective showcasing of one’s brand to a relevant and interested audience,” notes Salunkhe.

Presenting Game-changing Manufacturing Innovations

At HIMTEX 2024, the company is keen to connect with representatives from industries, including Mechanical, Automotive, Machine Tool, Medical, Defence, Electronics, Aeronautics, Heavy Manufacturing, and Farm Equipment Manufacturing, etc.

ZOLLER powerShrink 400/600
One of the highlights from ZOLLER at HIMTEX 2024 is the powerShrink 400/600 heat shrink system. When developing this device, ZOLLER focused on achieving maximum energy efficiency, safety, and a fast and reliable shrinking process, allowing more profitability in one’s production. The system boasts significant energy savings of up to 30 percent compared to previous models, aligning with modern sustainable manufacturing practices. By clamping and unclamping tools in record time, the powerShrink system enhances production speed and reliability. It is 100 percent made by ZOLLER and has a unique control concept.

ZOLLER India Pvt Ltd is present at Hall & Stall: 2C15. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.solutions.zoller.info