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Embracing Innovation at HIMTEX 2024

Embracing Innovation at HIMTEX 2024
Devesh Upadhyay
Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions

Devesh Upadhyay, Director, Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions, is thrilled to be at HIMTEX 2024. Hyderabad, he says, is a natural fit for the company. “This city thrives on innovation, embodying the ‘Make in India’ spirit across industries like Aerospace, Medical Technology, Defence, Special Purpose Machines and Electric Motors. It’s a hub where engineering excellence is a passion, not just a profession. HIMTEX perfectly captures that energy.” The event provides an ideal platform for Hardai ARMND to connect with fellow engineers and industry leaders, share ideas, and be inspired by the future of engineering unfolding in India.

MoS2 Dry Lubrication Coated Bearings
With the brand name MolyKul Bearings, Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions, a pioneer in 100 percent ‘Made in India’ innovation, unveils MoS2 Dry Lubrication Coated Bearings, a revolutionary leap in bearing technology, at HIMTEX 2024.

Embracing Innovation at HIMTEX 2024

“We indigenously synthesize the world’s finest Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) particles, renowned for their exceptional lubrication properties. These microscopic shields are then applied with unmatched precision, ensuring superior performance in a wide range of applications: from the demanding environment of aerospace and medical equipment to the workhorse demands of heavy-duty machinery and electric vehicles,” shares Upadhyay.

He claims that the innovation represents a paradigm shift in bearing performance. The bearings offer:
Extended Bearing Life: MoS2’s exceptional wear resistance keeps machines running smoother and longer, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
Frictionless Efficiency: Say goodbye to energy wasted on friction. MoS2’s remarkable lubricating properties translate to significant efficiency gains, keeping one’s operations humming.
Clean and Sustainable Operations: Eliminate the risks and environmental concerns associated with traditional oil-based lubricants. MoS2 offers a clean, sustainable solution for a greener future.
Hardai ARMND’s MoS2 Dry Lubrication Coated Bearings are finding applications in pumps, compressors, electric motors, rollers, ball screws, and LM guides.

Target Industry Sectors
Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions is eager to connect with attendees from a diverse range of sectors at HIMTEX 2024. The company’s MoS2 Dry Lubrication technology has wide-ranging applications, and the company is particularly interested in meeting engineers and decision-makers from the following industries:

Aerospace and Defence: These industries demand high-performance solutions, and ARMND's MoS2 bearings can significantly extend bearing life and reduce friction in demanding environments.
Medical Technology: Cleanliness and precision are paramount in medical equipment. MoS2 bearings offer a perfect fit, minimizing maintenance needs and ensuring smooth operation.
Electric Vehicles and Electric Motors: Reducing friction is crucial for efficiency. Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions is keen on discussing with HIMTEX 2024 visitors how its bearings can optimize performance in these rapidly growing sectors.
Heavy Machinery and Special Purpose Machines: Durability and reliability are essential. The company’s bearings can significantly enhance performance and reduce downtime in these applications.

Hardai ARMND Engineering Solutions is present in Hall 2, Stall 2A17 at HIMTEX 2024 Show. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.hardaiarmnd.com