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Delivering on the Promise of Quality

Delivering on the Promise of Quality
Anand Mulay
Renuka Tools

Anand Mulay, Proprietor, Renuka Tools, notes that HIMTEX is a focused show for machine tool and cutting tool manufacturers/suppliers. As a policy, the company can only participate in such focused exhibitions to maximize its returns, he shares. “Since it is the show’s 8th edition, HIMTEX 2024 will surely attract the right visitors to help us in our further business development. Another important factor is the location of the show. Hyderabad is a very promising city for the engineering industry. It is showing industrial growth and is well-connected with other major cities. So, we expect a great turnout for the show,” he adds.

Renuka Tools manufactures standard and customized indexable cutting tools for boring, drilling, milling, chamfering, turning, grooving, and parting applications for VMCs, HMCs, CNC Turning Centers, SPMs, and other conventional machines. Apart from its standard product line, the company also manufactures special tools and combination tools based on customer requirements. The company also manufactures standard and customized adapters and toolholding systems.

An ISO 9001:2015-certified company by TUV NORD with DAkkS Accreditation, Renuka Tools has a pan-India customer base and also exports to 5 countries, including Germany.

Delivering on the Promise of Quality

Ultra-Precise, Adjustable Cartridges
In October 2023, Renuka Tools launched the revolutionary UPA (Ultra-Precise, Adjustable) Cartridges for finish boring applications with close tolerances, which it is showcasing at HIMTEX 2024. The company is the first Indian manufacturer of these cartridges, and no other Indian manufacturer to date has anything similar to offer.

The UPA cartridges feature ultra-precision and adjustable finish boring capabilities, ensuring high accuracy and repeatability. They are used for machining close tolerances and facilitate precision adjustment with a least count of 5 microns (0.005 mm) on diameter on a linear scale. The radial adjustment range of 0.3 mm allows for precise boring of diameter, while the axial adjustment range of 1 mm enables precise step lengths. These self-clamping, self-locking cartridges do not require tightening or loosening of screws. The pre-loaded (pre-tensioned) assembly guarantees zero backlash. The minimum diameter for finish boring using UPA cartridges is 28 mm, and with an in-built UPA mechanism in boring bars, the minimum diameter is 14 mm. Adjustments can be made directly while the tool is on the machine, reducing downtime or setting time. Standard products, with 28 variants, are available for ID boring, back boring, OD turning, and undercut machining applications. These cartridges are directly interchangeable with all standard finish boring cartridges, UFP cartridges, or their equivalents.

The applications of UPA Cartridges include Precise ID Boring with intricate undercut machining; Combination Finish Boring with precise step lengths; and Back Boring.

Exploring New Avenues Since it is a cutting tool manufacturer, Renuka Tools aims to meet attendees from sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Defence, Heavy Engineering, Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas, etc., at HIMTEX 2024.

“We also aim to meet different machine tool manufacturers who would like to collaborate with us to provide tooled-up solutions to their customers. We are also open to developing new channel partners for different territories in the southern parts of India,” reveals Mulay, summing up.

Renuka Tools is present at Hall & Stall: 2F 04 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.renukatools.in