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Bringing the Best to the Table

Bringing the Best to the Table
A Rajesh
General Manager
Indo Nihon Technologies
Emphasizing the importance of the event, A Rajesh, General Manager, Indo Nihon Technologies, stresses, “We believe that the show will boost our brand presence and drive sales by generating significant interest and buzz around our brand. Participating in this event will help us stand out in the market and showcase what sets us apart from the competition.”

Innovations in Focus
At HIMTEX 2024, Indo Nihon Technologies has its spotlight on its renowned Nikken High-Speed 4th Axis CNCZ260 Rotary Tables. These rotary tables are celebrated for their unmatched precision, high rigidity, and durability. The company’s unique ION Nitride hardened steel worm wheel, in conjunction with its innovative carbide worm screw, work together to create a hydrostatic high-pressure oil film which prevents any metal-to-metal contact and negates practically all wear. Additionally, the oversized monobloc main spindle system with an integrated faceplate ensures optimal rigidity. Nikken’s exclusive independent double thrust bearing system and solid radial roller bearings offer superior point contact, rotation accuracy, and concentricity.

Bringing the Best to the Table
Rajesh also highlights the new Nikken CNC Rotary Tables equipped with the Roller Evolution Drive (RED) mechanism. “With the new barrel cam mechanism RED, we achieve high-speed indexing, high precision, and high rigidity with non-backlash capabilities. Our design introduces the camshaft on the turret in a vertical position, resulting in 25 percent or higher transmission efficiency and a larger turret diameter for greater rigidity and accuracy,” he explains.

Considering Customer Requirements
Indo Nihon Technologies aims to connect with key industry sectors at HIMTEX 2024, including Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Heavy Engineering, and Electric Vehicles. “Regardless of the industry, Nikken has a solution to suit customer requirements. From large aerospace manufacturers to small machine shops, our commitment is always the same: to increase productivity and performance,” Rajesh states. Nikken solutions are integral to some of the world’s most demanding products, helping to improve productivity and competitiveness in challenging applications.

Indo Nihon Technologies is present in Hall 1 and Stall 1D02 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.indonihon.co.in