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Advanced Tools, Clear Results

Advanced Tools, Clear Results
Jim Jose P J
Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Ltd
“As the largest and most reputable expo in the machine tool industry, HIMTEX can assist us in increasing exposure for our products,” says Jim Jose P J, Director-Sales, Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Ltd. With its sights set on sectors such as cement, chemical, petrochemical, mining, petroleum, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, the company is poised to impact the event significantly.

Seeing the Unseen: Spectroscopy Solutions
The company is set to showcase the entry-level spectrophotometers from Holmarc, the HO-SPE-3000S and HO-SPE-3000S UV, designed for industrial, educational, and research sectors. In contrast to other entry-level spectrophotometers, it uses the traditional Czerny-Turner monochromator design, which is often reserved for more advanced models and guarantees minimal stray light. “High wavelength resolution is achieved by using blazed holographic grating with 1200 lines/mm as the dispersion element,” Jose adds.

Advanced Tools, Clear Results

These spectrophotometers employ a sigma delta ADC with 16-bit resolution, which is a greater resolution than the majority of spectrophotometers in this price range. “A graph of absorbance vs. wavelength is displayed on a graphical LCD panel. After that, the data can be examined for peaks,” he explains. Model SPE-3000S comes with 10 mm path length cuvettes, and optional shorter path length cuvettes are available to measure concentrated samples without dilution. The company’s zealous pursuit of innovation and precision promises to elevate spectroscopy across various fields.

Exploring Advanced Spectroscopic Power
The company’s spectrophotometers redefine precision with their array of cutting-edge features. They include thin film thickness and refractive index measurement, accurate absorbance, concentration, and kinetics measurement, and fast, easy operation with a touchscreen. They also offer live plotting of parameters on the display and PC, a peak finder and smoothing function, solid and liquid sample holders, and a rotatable sample holder and detector. Furthermore, the addition of 2 theta measurement capability further expands the device’s utility in diverse research and industrial applications.

Holmarc Opto-Mechatronics Ltd will be present in Hall & Stall: 1/1A16 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.holmarc.com