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Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Arunraja R
General Manager
JENOPTIK India Pvt Ltd

Jenoptik India Pvt Ltd operates as a direct subsidiary of Jenoptik AG, a German-based company. Established in 2008, the company has had its sights on the automotive industry, medical technology, electronic industry, aviation and aerospace, mechanical engineering, and the machine tools industry. It provides high-quality technical services and application support to the Indian industry while adhering to international standards.

Seizing Opportunities in Hyderabad
Hyderabad, being a hub for the aerospace industry, offers an ideal platform for the company to engage with a broad spectrum of customers. “Our participation in HIMTEX 2024 is driven by the strategic opportunity to connect with key public sector customers, especially in the aerospace industry,” Arunraja R, General Manager, JENOPTIK India Pvt Ltd, explains.

Adding to that, the event also offers networking opportunities with industry leaders, suppliers, and customers, fostering collaborations and partnerships that can drive innovation and growth. “Engaging with our existing and potential customers in person allows us to better understand their needs, gather feedback, and offer tailored solutions that address their specific challenges,” he continues.

Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Exhibiting at the event also provides the company with insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry, helping it stay informed and competitive. “It’s a prime opportunity to showcase our latest products and technological advancements, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and staying at the forefront of the industry,” Arunraja asserts.

“Overall, our participation in HIMTEX 2024 is driven by our dedication to growth, innovation, and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and industry partners,” he adds.

HOMMEL-ETAMIC Product Portfolio
‘HOMMEL-ETAMIC’ brand is part of Jenoptik Germany group, one of the pioneers in innovative Industrial Metrology Solution providers in the field of Roughness, Contour, Form, and Pneumatic Gauging technology.

“Our optical metrology solution for shaft metrology is considered the gold standard in the industry with proven reliability, and rigidity in the Indian tropical production environment,” he proclaims.

Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Roughness & Contour Systems: “HOMMEL-ETAMIC offers a wide range of products ranging from portable hand-held surface measuring systems to manual and automated stationary CNC-enabled systems for standard rooms and customized solutions, including robotic workpiece handling,” he denotes.

The systems are a modular design concept with seamless on-site upgradation for contour to roughness and vice versa, and a unique combined system for roughness and contour. “The unique RFID probe identification feature ensures error-free measurements during operation. Many such unique selling points (USPs) have positioned our systems as superior to other products in the market,” the General Manager avers.

Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Optical Shaft Metrology Systems: “Our ‘Opticline’ non-contact optical shaft metrology systems are of state-of-the-art technology with proven precision, rigidity, and reliability,” he emphasizes. “We are one of the leading solution providers to major global brands, including customized solutions.”

Advanced optical metrology techniques for accurate measurements of rotationally symmetric shaft workpieces ensure precision and high throughput to meet production demands. The systems have been proven to operate effectively in shop floor conditions, even in Indian tropical environments. To back it up, he mentioned that the company has systems that have been operating on the shop floor environment in India for over 15 years, meeting 24/7 production demands.

Advanced Technologies That Measure Up

Tactile Form Tester Systems: HOMMEL-ETAMIC form testers are designed to cater to niche and high-precision form measurements. “We provide fully automated CNC form measuring stations and combined form and roughness measuring systems, including crankshaft and camshaft measurements,” he explains.

Pneumatic Gauge Systems for Dimensional Metrology: HOMMEL-ETAMIC provides comprehensive, customized solutions for precise dimensional measurements with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. Its Gageline solutions are flexible and tailored to meet high-precision customer needs, including automation, and ensure long-lasting performance in production lines.

Optical Surface Porosity Inspection of Machined Components: HOMMEL-ETAMIC Visionline systems are designed with unique optical probe sensors for 360-degree instant imaging of machined surfaces of bores or surfaces with the utmost precision and short cycle time. “These systems offer automated, reliable/reproducible inspection and deliver operator-independent results,” he concludes. “This technology replaces conventional optical boroscope inspection with heavy operator-dependent fault identification.

JENOPTIK India Pvt Ltd is present in Hall & Stall: 3/C21 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.hommel-etamic.com