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Advanced Sensor Technologies for Smart Manufacturing

Advanced Sensor Technologies for Smart Manufacturing

Yasir Saudagar
Manager - Sales
Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd

The Indian machine tool industry has shown remarkable resilience since the pandemic, continuously working on intelligent transformation and adding value to its products. For Yasir Saudagar, Manager, Sales, Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd, HIMTEX is a significant gathering for Indian players in the machine tool sector. “It is a must-attend event for those seeking reliable and innovative products or services, such as those developed by HIWIN,” he adds. Fluro Engineering is presenting HIWIN’s sensor system, which plays a crucial role in the predictive maintenance of ball screws. This system helps prevent excessive lubrication, thereby reducing environmental pollution. In addition, the company is showcasing several other innovative products, including a Torque Motor Rotary Table for use with machine tools and a low-profile stage device.

Torque Motor Rotary Tables
HIWIN Corporation’s Torque Motor Rotary Tables (TMRT) use a direct-drive torque motor, built-in high-rigidity and high-precision bearings, absolute encoders, and a powerful brake system to ensure excellent acceleration capabilities and high-precision uniform movements. HIWIN TMRTs are backlash-free, optimized for high torques, feature robust dynamics, and are highly adaptive to the most demanding automation processes. Compared with the mechanical indexing table, TMRTs offer high speed and high torque characteristics, making them suitable for various machining equipment needs.

Advanced Sensor Technologies for Smart Manufacturing

Unlike the mechanical indexing plate, HIWIN TMRTs have no backlash in the machining process due to the removal of the mechanical transmission structure. This improvement enhances the stability of machining accuracy. By installing HIWIN TMRTs, existing machining equipment can be upgraded to 3+1 axis, 4-axis, or 5-axis configurations, enabling one-time clamping processing, improving processing efficiency, and increasing production capacity.

HIWIN TMRTs are mainly used in the Machine Tool industry, particularly in machining operations such as milling, drilling, and grinding. These tables allow for precise positioning of workpieces, enabling accurate machining and reducing machining time. In the Automation industry, it plays a crucial role in tasks such as assembly, inspection, and testing. ItT facilitate the precise positioning and orientation of components, ensuring efficient and accurate production processes. Additionally, HIWIN TMRTs provide rapid acceleration and deceleration, enabling high-speed operations and quick positioning, which is beneficial in industries such as Electronics Manufacturing and 3D Printing. In the Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) industry, the TMRTs can reach IP68 water protection and high rotational speed, which allows manufacturers to machine micro parts for the Semiconductor industry.

What to Expect at HIMTEX 2024
Attendees of HIMTEX 2024 can witness a wide array of smart machining solutions, special purpose machine tools, high-precision automatic and semi-automatic machines, universal manually controlled machines, heavy-duty processing models, and fully automated production line planning. Multi-purpose versatile machines and vendors from the aerospace sector are also featured prominently. Moreover, the exhibition is also highlighting various metal-cutting mechanisms such as plasma, EDM, laser, and other novel processing techniques within the metalworking industry. HIMTEX aims to present the complete metalworking ecosystem by showcasing metal-cutting and metal-forming machine tools, key components, and intelligent manufacturing solutions. It is a platform for displaying actual products and technologies to user sectors and participants, bringing the best in machine tool manufacturing and digital manufacturing solutions, products, and technologies to the exhibition.

Fluro Engineering Pvt Ltd is present in Hall & Stall: 1/1C23 at HIMTEX 2024. For more information on the company and its offerings: www.fluroengg.com